Muscular Dystrophy

Is Running Hurting Your Knees? Ayurveda Can Help
Muscular dystrophy is a group of muscle disease that weaken the musculoskeletal system and affects the daily activities of the patient.It is characterized by progressive skeletal muscle weakness,defects in muscle and death of muscle cells and tissue.
  • 1.) Signs and Symptoms
  • 2.) Poor Balance
  • 3.) Muscle Wasting
  • 4.) Frequent Falls
  • 5.) Spasms


In allopathy there is no cure as such they provide with corticosteroiods but prolonged intake causes bone weakening and increase the risk of fracture.
These disorders can be managed through ayurveda and providing better results than allopathic treatment which focuses on symptomatic relief only.But ayurveda focuses on internal system so that overall benefits to the patient. There are two therapies which are beneficial in these cases are:
  • 1) Pizhichil
  • 2) Navarakkizhi
The patients are also provided with physiotherapy treatment as exercises are done to increase range of motion, strengthening exercises and mobility aids.


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  • "when I called ND Healthcare the first time i had no idea what response i would get. Now after 4 months of treatment For Arthritis i am very happy that i choose online medication."

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                            (Panipat, HR)

  • "Mostly my mother was bed ridden from last 3 years as she could'nt walk. We tried a lot of medication but with no results. then someone refered me to get herbal medication and within one month my mother started to walk a little bit with the help of stick. After 6 months of medication now she can walk and is leading a near normal life ."

                            -JOTSANA PATEL

                          (Ahemdabad, Gujrat)

  • "My sis had arthritis at age 7 years . Had a course of natural med for my sis. Pian relieved and very less problem since. Ayurveda rocks"

                            - Stefin Tadoski


  • "Due to risk of side effect we never got any medication for my grandpa but the herbal concept of medicines with safety reports convinced us to start the medication for acute arthritis. As he is ok now we are relieved and thankful to N.D healthcare for their expert support."

                            - S.Mia


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