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Dr.Navdeep Sharma

One of the most renowned ayurvedists of the city. Dr. Sharma did his ayurvedic graduation from Shree Lakshmi Narayain Ayurvedic College, One of the oldest Ayurvedic colleges of the country, affiliated to Baba Farid University of Health Sciences. He is adistinction holder in Dravya Guna (Ayurvedic Herbology). Dr. Navdeep then did his post graduation from Indian Medical Institute and research centre. He also holds PG level diploma in Practical Yoga and Meditation.
Ever since he did his postgraduation, he has lead as an example for all ayurvedic practitioners. Dr Sharma is providing his services to a number of reputed institutes which include Rotary Club Central Hospital, where he is working as a consultant . He has thrice been honoured by rotary governor for excellent services and dedication towards mankind.
Dr. Sharma is working as full time consultant for D.A.V. PUBLIC SCHOOL’s free ayurvedic dispensary where he is providing consultation to one of the most elite group of the city including Allopathic doctors, I.A.S. officers,etc.. He is also the visiting consultant for D.A.V. Cantonment, D.A.V.International. He also provides consultation from time to time to various NGOs like Rama Krishna Vivekanand Centre, All India Women Conference, Sarva Dharma Sewa Society, etc. He is also working as a visiting lecturer for D.C.M. college of electropathy.
Dr. Sharma is the consultant for LONGEVITY, (A unit of Teg Resorts PVt. Ltd.) Northern India’s biggest holistic healing and naturopathy centre. He’s also the pioneer of “Niroga”, the first chain of panchkarma centres in Northern India. Dr. Sharma has so far organized more than 50 seminars on Ayurveda in different parts of the country. He’s a regular writer for various leading newspapers.
He’s presently researching in the fields of Renal Failure, Carcinomas, Cerebral Palsy, Asthma and various other dreadful diseases in collaboration with various leading allopathic doctors of the city.



Dr. Monika is working as an ayurvedic gynaecologist for the centre. Dr.Monika did her Ayurvedic graduation from S.L.N.A. college affiliated to B.F.U.H.S. Dr. Monika then did a PG diploma in ayurvedic gynaecology from I.O.U. Ever since then Dr.Monika has been busy in enhancing her ayurvedic skills woring under the guidance of some of the most experienced gynaecologists of the city from where she gathered experience about the allopathic aspects of gynaecology. Meanwhile she continued her research work at the premises of N.D.Healthcare, and in the process blessing various childless couples with children. Presently Dr.Monika is working as a consultant for Shree Ram Ashram Public School, one of city's oldest and most reputed teaching institute. She is also working as a consultant for All India Women Conference. Dr Monika has delivered more than a dozen lectures on Gynaecology in different parts of the countrty.
She is presently researching in the fields of Uterine Fibroids, Infertility, Endometrosis, Menopausal Syndrome, Breast Abscess, Discharges, Polycystic Ovarian and various other gynaecological disorders in collaboration with various leading gynaecologists of the city.


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  • "when I called ND Healthcare the first time i had no idea what response i would get. Now after 4 months of treatment For Arthritis i am very happy that i choose online medication."

                            - N.D TIWARI

                            (Panipat, HR)

  • "Mostly my mother was bed ridden from last 3 years as she could'nt walk. We tried a lot of medication but with no results. then someone refered me to get herbal medication and within one month my mother started to walk a little bit with the help of stick. After 6 months of medication now she can walk and is leading a near normal life ."

                            -JOTSANA PATEL

                          (Ahemdabad, Gujrat)

  • "My sis had arthritis at age 7 years . Had a course of natural med for my sis. Pian relieved and very less problem since. Ayurveda rocks"

                            - Stefin Tadoski


  • "Due to risk of side effect we never got any medication for my grandpa but the herbal concept of medicines with safety reports convinced us to start the medication for acute arthritis. As he is ok now we are relieved and thankful to N.D healthcare for their expert support."

                            - S.Mia


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